Framing at a Festival

This is the post excerpt.


The photo  below was taken at the Highlanders Fall Festival in Indiana. The fence was used for the framing of the hands and the goats faces. The aperture setting was set at 1/2000 with an ISO of 3200. Automatic White Balance and Automatic Focus was used. Minimal cropping was done but a bit of shadows and contrast was used to bring out the folds in the jacket and color contrast between the jacket and goats. Highlights were slightly amplified to bring the hands to life. All saturation and vibrancy was then taken away for the black and white effect. All editing was done through Lightroom. The name of the photo is “Building up Humanity.”Framing











My Ghost

Out of focus is sometimes the only thing that makes sense. It’s the elusive clarity
that is always just out of reach.
I stand and wait.
Then sometimes  pulled.
And I become a ghost of myself.
A ghost to you.

Photo 1: Ghost

Photo 2: Graveyard Shift

Photo 3: My Childhood

Rescue Them and You Rescue Yourself

I once heard a quote by Donald L Hicks. He said "Those who teach us the most about humanity aren't always human." I introduce to you, Hannah. A white American Bulldog with a little brown spot on her head. She was found on the street as a puppy and adopted out four times. And then returned four times. "She was too full of energy," they told us. Seven years later, she has ALWAYS been too much energy. But that's fine because she is just like this family. Bursting with love and spirit just spinning out of control. And then there is Mackey. My mother found him in the paper. When we went to pick up this little black pup we knew he would fit in fine when he popped his little head up over a playhouse and had a bonnet on. Mackey has been with my mother for 13 years. When you rescue an animal it's not an isolated incident. Instead you are marking this world with a kindness that few have. You are meeting another life that not only needs you, but little do you know that you need it. You are creating a safe place in an unstable world. And let's be honest. We all need a safe place.